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Sour Diesel

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This Sour Diesel shirt is a fan favorite. It's light, fitted, and very soft.

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The Design
Can we just say that we freakin love this shirt. Sour Diesel has some fun design elements that you’ll pick up on the longer you look at it. It’s full throttle just like the strain! Ok, that last part was way cheesy…our apologies.

The Fit
This is a high-end cotton / polyester blend. This shirt is fitted but not quite as much as the athletic fit. There will be no gap around the waist and no wings on the sleeves. The softness is very smooth and very comfortable.

The Details
Sour Diesel is 60% Combed Ring-Spun Cotton | 40% Polyester.

Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating sativa named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients.

It’s stimulating effects have won Sour Diesel a seat in the sativa category, but its poorly documented origins leave much room for debate. According to growing guru Ed Rosenthal, Sour Diesel originates from Mexican Sativa and Chemo. Other folklore will tell us Sour Diesel descends from Chemdawg 91, Northern Lights, and an unknown Skunk phenotype.


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